Wednesday Sessions

Box Arena Wednesday Sessions Guidelines

The Box Arena is no longer going to have the same structure. You all know our expertise is hospitality, and for that reason we are going to have to close The Box to the general public. THIS IS NOT SAYING YOU CANNOT COME TO THE NEW BOX ARENA ON WEDNESDAYS!!! The matter is simply that our house and living room are significantly smaller, and we cannot accommodate the usual 40+ people. In result, we will be running the new Box on an invite only basis.

If you are a dedicated SF4 player, and you would like to play on Wednesdays PLEASE EMAIL ME your cellphone number and you will be sent a text on the Monday of each week IF you are one of those chosen. (those selected will be at random, so please do not take offense to any of this post) When you receive this text, you will be allowed to bring 1 (one) person whom also should be a dedicated player. There are a few people that either work for or play for The Box Arena that are VIP and do not need an invite, however these people do not have the authority to bring anyone, so don’t ask them! IF you would like to join us and bring good competition, make sure you email me your number. Bye!


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