LA Riots: Recap

Thanks to Gootecks and Coin-op TV for inviting as part of the live audience in this invitational event held at Stream.TV’s studio. We were pretty amazed with the production value you guys put on for the event and were pretty envious if we can someday pull off something even close to what you guys had. It was tons of fun eventhough it was a short event. All the matches were exciting especially seeing Happytang Kai ranting how much he hates Street Fighter 4 and then proceeding to wipe your face on the floor with his Spectacular Fuerte. Congratulations to Combofiend for taking 1st place, Keno – 2nd, Happytang Kai – 3rd. Thanks again and see guys at Barfights next week!

Combofiend keepin’ it cool. Kai Salty

2nd and 3rd but we got sticks!

What happens we you play each other too much . . .

Only 5 people were actually interested to be here =P

Picture brought to you by Morton’s Salt- When it rains, it pours

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The Specialist II @ Cicada’s: Recap

Double Dragons!

Good job to our San Diego Team for beating out LA East, Inland Empire, and Valley team at the House of Cicada’s Specialist II. I think that was much better outcome than we all expected. 🙂 Thanks to Cicada, Alex Valle, and the rest of the House of Cicada team for having us over and hosting a long, enduring, but fun event. Thanks to Hori for handing out Joysticks for each team as prizes. It is great to see the So Cal Community gather it’s best to level up our region. See you guys again soon.

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NorCal Regionals: Recap

As Friday evening came, we were all anxious to get to The Domain Hotel. We knew it was a private event for the Norcal team qualifiers that night, but since we know a few people we figured we could find our way in some how. As NAT-mECHA was rounding up the troops, I floated around the lobby talking to all the familiar faces. One of those faces was Albert Carmona himself from Keystone II. We immediately recognized each other from our first introduction at WCW last August.  We chatted a bit and that was when we got the go ahead for The Box Arena family to join this private party. Once we were all together, (DJFrankFresh, Kuizzy Ef Baby, NatMecha, BeefCake, Nemo, ShadyK, and myself) We strolled in to see… EVERYONE was invited to this private party!?! Well, since John Choi is such a great guy, he and his team came to a decision that this shouldn’t be a private event, rather a gathering of friends, fighting games (and alcohol) on a cold Friday night in Sunnyvale.

After our long night of casuals and laughs, we all finally split our ways to get to sleep sometime in the early morning. Before we knew it, Saturday morning arrived and it  was time to get to registration between 9 and 10am. Someone once told me that if a tournament ran on time it was broken, so apparently this was the most broke ass tournament we had ever been to. Sign-ups were actually closed on time, and the tournament started without further delay. I do recall a little mishap with the brackets being printed in micro font, but that was fixed with an amazing sense of urgency at a local Kinko’s. The event was run with 4 pools among several TV’s lining the walls of a private banquet room. For the SF4 event alone there was 220 entrants, so there is no need to describe the smell or the temperature after the first hour. One of the most convenient aspects of this event was that the distance from the event room to any given person’s hotel room was no more than a 2 minute walk. There was no need to stand in that room all day either, we all had tons of options of things to do, and places to obtain drinks and snacks of all kinds. For a $20 venue fee for early birds, and no spectator fees at any time, this event was well worth the money.

Around 7pm, we were at top 16 of the SF4 tournament and we decided to celebrate our team’s success with a trip Yume Sushi which was located right across the street. Some amazing memories were created there involving some 30% off sushi rolls and Sake bombs. Unfortunately, right when we got there, ShadyK and I were receiving some panicked texts saying they were about to start top 16 and he needed to get back to play a Balrog by the name of Crackfiend. We hurried back, he got that match out of the way (with no victory 😦 ) and headed right back to our food. The rest of that night seemed to be a blur, but what I do recall is that it was one of the best Saturdays in recent Box Arena history. Our hotel room was frequented by several top  players including Combofiend, LB, Dash, Sin, DaggerG, Leviathan, Joe Dubbs, Fat Bear, Ed Ma, and Afrocole. The networking of the weekend was astounding, and we did a great job making our presence known at NCR. Once again, our night ran into the early morning, and we eventually dispersed into our own sleeping quarters for some rest.

Sunday morning arrived with a warmer climate, and a sense of calming relief. There was no rushing or panic on Sunday because the SoCal Vs. NorCal exhibition wasn’t scheduled until 6pm. We decided to make use of our spare time and take a trip to the City of San Francisco. BeefCake and Nemo stayed behind and found themselves watching a victorious Charger game at a local Chilis. ShadyK, NatMecha, Kuizzy Ef Baby, DJFrankFresh, and myself crammed ourselves into a Honda Accord and took that 40 minute trip to Boudin’s Restaurant and Bakery in the heart of Frisco. 3 hours and $250 later we were headed back to The Domain for the main event! 5V5 : SoCal vs. NorCal.

When we got back, we took our seats in the back of a second Ballroom on the 2nd floor. This Room was set up like a movie theater. One large, unusually clear Projector and one station to use for the exhibition and SF4 top 8. Just like the rest of the weekend, the 5V5 started promptly at 6pm. The energy in this room was unbelievable. I can still see that Skinny Asian guy(Crackfiend) yelling to the Crowd, “Who are we??” and the crowd would respond in unison, “Nor Cal!!!” All I could think of while this was going on was how Salty they were all going to be when Socal beat them in their hometown. Glancing up to see a woman in front of me named Sugar Betty with cupcakes for the winning team made me even MORE anxious for SoCal to win because I know how much our boys love cupcakes! (I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but her husband slipped me one and it was nearly the best I had ever had) There is no need to describe how the 5V5 went because im sure you all watched the Stream, but if you don’t know… SOCAL IS THE BEST AND WE TOOK THAT WITH VALLE AND SHADYK STILL STANDING. Until next time NorCal…. good job on graciously accepting your defeat. Your team is good and FelepinoChamp(yes, with bisiya accent) has enough energy for all of you. Congrats to Ricky Ortiz for winning first in 3 games (boy you are GodLike) Alex Valle for taking 2nd, and ComboFiend taking 3rd in SF4. Way to Rep Socal!

We wrapped up our evening with an Excessive amount of Plum wine and snacks from the Korean Store. Our room was jam packed with some good friends we had and made over the weekend including Combofiend, LB, Dash, Sin, DaggerG, Leviathan, Joe Dubbs, Fat Bear, Ed Ma, Afrocole and Jessica. We lost a few members of the party to a Bikini Bar Across the street, but made them back soon after for a night filled with SF4, complaining Residents, a broken bed, Security guards, and eventually leading to the police at the door of chaotic room #331.

Thank you to all of NorCal for making this trip worth it for all of us. iPlayWinner, thanks for all the coverage and Streaming this event for the world to see. John Choi, Albert Carmona and the rest of the crew that ran this virtually flawless event, we appreciate what you are doing for the community and will support you 100% on any future endeavors. It was great to see MarkMan of SDTekken, and Princess Faye who always seem to make there way out for support. Glen, AJ, Kelly, and Kara from GYT, you guys never fail to cover Sf4 events with great photography and video. We really look forward to working with you in the future. Seth Killian of Capcom, it was great talking with you and thanks for all the advice, we cannot wait to work on those bigger and better things.  Woo Hoo SSF4! Until next time, The Box Arena <3’s you.

❤ Hun-E-Bee

We would also like to make an apology to John Choi for noise that we caused on the last night of the event.

We hope to see everyone soon! Hopefully at our own event 🙂 January 9th! Save the date!

Official Results provided by Eventhubs

NAT-mECHA out!

The Box Arena and ShadyK chillin’ in SF before 5v5 Exhibition match

Hype for NorCal for the 5v5 Exhibition Match

SoCal comes back with their own flavor of HYPE! 😀

SoCal reigns supreme over NorCal! 😛

Raise the Ricky Ortiz!

San Diego’s Finest with SoCal Team Captain- Alex Valle

Post-NCR Crack Session 🙂

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ActiveGamers Pre-party and Triple Threat Tournament: Recap

Here are the pictures for the ActiveGamers Pre-party and Triple Threat Tournament. Thanks to John for donating a stick for The Box Arena for our Tekken 6 casuals station. Congratulations to Marn, Justin Wong, and Floe for taking Top 3 at the tournament. Big Congratulations to our local SD players- ShadyK and Nemo for making it into the 5v5 NorCal vs SoCal qualifiers! I know you guys will make us proud!

I would also like to thank Jessica Gaona for personally making my Tournament Day a lot more brighter. 😉

NAT-mECHA out!

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TTF 2 versus 2 2009/10/23: Recap

Fun times at the Dojo of Unprotected Sex last friday. Played some Tekken 6- days before release courtesy of Markman of SDTekken and great tournament turn-out from LA this week.

Congratulations to Alex Valle and Mike Ross for taking 1st at the tournament! Thanks to all LA peeps that came down – Combojack, Killerkai, Starkiller, Ken-I(isn’t he SD? =P), and Bustabust. See you guys at the next one!

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Tekken 6 Launch Party: Recap

This past Saturday, The Box Arena decided to take yet another trip to LA. Our goal was to attend the T6 Release party thrown by ActiveGamers in association with SDTekken and From the parking lot alone we got an idea of where our night was headed. At the door we were greeted by 2 very long lines- One line for VIP, and one for General Admission. We slipped by theses lines to take a sneak peak before everyone was let in. There, we saw all our good friends from SDTekken setting up stations and getting ready for the crowd.

As the night went on, the venue began to fill and it was very obvious how big of a crowd HAX can accommodate . With plenty of bleacher style seating, and a comfortable VIP room dressed with Couches and refreshments, there was no room for disappointment. A DJ was creating an active atmosphere, along with models dressed in Anime Style costumes to keep everyone’s interest. At no point was there a time for boredom. Over a dozen Setups with T6, plenty of networking, and 64 man single elimination tourney were just a few things to keep you occupied throughout the night.

The Tekken Swag Wagon also made the night a bit more interesting. Once it was announced that T6 swag was to be given out the entire crowd RAN and pushed out the door. There we were given Tattoo sleeves, and TapOut Tshirts. Faye even offered some free VIP wrist bands to a few lucky fans.

In the end, the Tekken 6 release party was a complete success. We are all very excited to head back to Hanger Athletic Xchng for the November 13th and 14th event- ACTivegamerS’ Synthetix Gala Party and Triple Threat Tournament

And It’s always good see all our friends- UGTL, Gootecks, GYT, and Camiwins!

Many Thanks to all the guys at SDTekken, MarkMan, and Ms. Faye, The masterminds at ActiveGamers, and all the beautiful Anime ladies for holding such a great event. You have our full support, and we can’t wait to see you all again!

❤ HunEBee and the rest of The Box Arena crew =)

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TTF Ranbat 2.2 and Level Yo’ Game Up!: Recap

Better late than never. I apologize to Cody for not getting this out sooner, but here are the pics from Ranbats 2.2 and the 2nd Level Yo’ Game Up tourney at TTF. Enjoy

TTF Ranbats 2.2 pictures

TTF Level Yo’ Game Up pictures

NAT-mECHA out!