LA Riots: Recap

Thanks to Gootecks and Coin-op TV for inviting as part of the live audience in this invitational event held at Stream.TV’s studio. We were pretty amazed with the production value you guys put on for the event and were pretty envious if we can someday pull off something even close to what you guys had. It was tons of fun eventhough it was a short event. All the matches were exciting especially seeing Happytang Kai ranting how much he hates Street Fighter 4 and then proceeding to wipe your face on the floor with his Spectacular Fuerte. Congratulations to Combofiend for taking 1st place, Keno – 2nd, Happytang Kai – 3rd. Thanks again and see guys at Barfights next week!

Combofiend keepin’ it cool. Kai Salty

2nd and 3rd but we got sticks!

What happens we you play each other too much . . .

Only 5 people were actually interested to be here =P

Picture brought to you by Morton’s Salt- When it rains, it pours

More Pictures at our Smugmug Page


One Response

  1. thx for coming out – we will have an LA RIOTS II in Jan 2010
    here’s some more pix/info from the first event:

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