NorCal Regionals: Day One

Day One- We arrived at 10am at the event just as registration was closed. The venue seems cramped for the amount of players that showed up. There was little to no room to move around. The room was loud, very warm and stuffy from the get go. Something that San Diego players are unfamiliar with at tournaments we’ve been to. Surprisingly, for what seems to be an overwhelming amount of players and games, the tournament ran very smoothly. Props goes to the NorCal Regionals team for putting up such a well-organized event. TV’s always had games on them, Stream didn’t have any downtime on games, Players with multiple games were properly accomodated- All in all what us Tournament organizers aspire for. I just wish it was a bigger venue. 🙂

As far as how San Diego fared, ShadyK had the best run which was Top 16. But even after everyone got knocked out, everyone had a great time. We were happy to mingle with the community- GYT, iPlaywinner, Seth Killian, Keystone 2, and NorCal players. But there’s still a chance for San Diego to shine with the 5 vs 5 NorCal vs SoCal exhibition match which features 2 of SD’s finest- ShadyK and Nemonic. Rep Hard SD!

Thanks to NorCal Regionals for accomodating Jessica Gaona. I would also like to thank the photographers of GYTKara and Kelly for some photography advice 🙂

NAT-mECHA out!

Filipinochamp takes most exciting match of the day.

Even after all of San Diego is out of the Tournament, Fun times in NorCal 🙂

More Pictures at our Smugmug Page


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