Box Arena Sessions: Tournament Edition – 11/4/09

After all the practice everyone has put in these past three weeks, we think its time to show your improvements. As everyone may know, The Box Arena is changing locations and it is still unknown where we will be having our Wednesday classes. This Wednesday’s tournament will be held in Santee at the venue we are considering using in the future. We would love for everyone to come out and join us for some Milk Tea & Boba, not to mention a SF4 singles tourney. Below are all the details on the event, and location. Don’t be discouraged by the location, it is actually closer to most of you than The Box Arena!


Frubble (Map)


November 4th 2009
Sign Ups/Casuals: 6:30-730pm
Tournament Starts @ 8pm SHARP!!!


Singles Format
Double Elimination
5 PS3 Stations
Audio Commentary
Gameplay Capture – HD
$5 entry: $4 Pot – $1 Tournament Fee
Payout: 70%, 20%, 10%

Frubble offers many beverages besides tea and boba, they also have some bakery type foods and wraps. Wireless Internet is available. Next door is a Mexican restaurant, and across the street is a liquor store. Bring some extra $ for goodies!


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