The Box Arena Invitational: Top 8 Videos!!!

Running 2 Tournaments in one day is hard. Running 2 Tournaments and recording and streaming both Top 8’s is HARDER. It took awhile, but they’re here. Both Top 8 Videos for the Qualifier and Elite Tournament at the Box Arena Invitational.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the players who participated and provided us with amazing gameplay that pleased the crowds.

To our commentators- Viscant, Unprotected Sex, Gootecks, DJ Frank Fresh, Oceanside Doods, and BomberEDX2 for their well thought-out insight of the matches, humorous banter, and trash talk that has only been heard at the Box Arena Commentary Table.

To The Box Arena Multimedia Team, namely Steinmania, For putting up with all our criticism to improve the quality of our video releases and for giving up a lot of his time eventhough he has a lot on his plate right now. We love you Mitchell!

And let’s have everyone thank Steinmania for the wonderful job he has done!

Videos and Links after the Jump!

Ken I (AK) Vs. Khio (ZA) – ET/Grand Finals Pt.1

Ken I (AK) Vs. Khio (ZA) – ET/Grand Finals Pt.2

More Elite Top 8 Videos

Hugo101 (BI) Vs. Khio (ZA) – QT/Grand Finals

More Qualifying Top 8 Videos

BitTorrent Links should be up soon! Check Facebook or Twitter for updates!


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