Tekken 6 Launch Party: Recap

This past Saturday, The Box Arena decided to take yet another trip to LA. Our goal was to attend the T6 Release party thrown by ActiveGamers in association with SDTekken and Shoryuken.com- From the parking lot alone we got an idea of where our night was headed. At the door we were greeted by 2 very long lines- One line for VIP, and one for General Admission. We slipped by theses lines to take a sneak peak before everyone was let in. There, we saw all our good friends from SDTekken setting up stations and getting ready for the crowd.

As the night went on, the venue began to fill and it was very obvious how big of a crowd HAX can accommodate . With plenty of bleacher style seating, and a comfortable VIP room dressed with Couches and refreshments, there was no room for disappointment. A DJ was creating an active atmosphere, along with models dressed in Anime Style costumes to keep everyone’s interest. At no point was there a time for boredom. Over a dozen Setups with T6, plenty of networking, and 64 man single elimination tourney were just a few things to keep you occupied throughout the night.

The Tekken Swag Wagon also made the night a bit more interesting. Once it was announced that T6 swag was to be given out the entire crowd RAN and pushed out the door. There we were given Tattoo sleeves, and TapOut Tshirts. Faye even offered some free VIP wrist bands to a few lucky fans.

In the end, the Tekken 6 release party was a complete success. We are all very excited to head back to Hanger Athletic Xchng for the November 13th and 14th event- ACTivegamerS’ Synthetix Gala Party and Triple Threat Tournament

And It’s always good see all our friends- UGTL, Gootecks, GYT, and Camiwins!

Many Thanks to all the guys at SDTekken, MarkMan, and Ms. Faye, The masterminds at ActiveGamers, and all the beautiful Anime ladies for holding such a great event. You have our full support, and we can’t wait to see you all again!

❤ HunEBee and the rest of The Box Arena crew =)

More Pictures after the jump

More Pictures at our Smugmug Page


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