UGTL 4: Recap

We would like to thank the staff of UGTL for hosting such a great event! Although there were a few hiccups, there was still a lot of fun to be had. From crackin’ music, cool toys, old skool games, amazing live artwork, and delicious food.  There’s so much to see at UGTL.

Props go to the artists- J Salvador(Thanks for the Honda -Kuizzy), Simon(Thanks for the Cammy -Nat), JessicaG(Thanks for the Poison & Bruno -Nat), and Naomi. Thanks to the DJ’s keeping the scene hype! – DJ Bubba Ducc, Hypest Crew, Lucid, and SXEZSKOZ. Thanks to Angrybananas, Power Anime, and Cipher12 for providing us with cool merchandise.

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament- Alex Valle(1st), Combojack(2nd), and Mike Ross(3rd). Good job holding it down West Coast!

Thanks also to the Box Arena regulars who also drove up for the event. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys! and also to our SoCal friends, always nice to chill with everyone!

See everyone at the next event!

More pictures posted on NAT-mECHA’s Smugmug

NAT-mECHA out!


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  1. Hope you guys had a good time despite the drive! Thanks for the shoutz as always…

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