Box Arena Sessions – 9/30/09


Another fantastic night at The Box Arena. Not only was it a packed house, players were treated with some delicious baked Chicken and that Grape Drank. Here are the results, pics, & videos of the action. See everyone @ The Box Arena Invitational for San Diego’s battle of the year.

1. Yeb
2. OceansideDoods
3. Calm Warrior

4. DJ Frank Fresh
5. Sloth
5. Unprotected Sex
7. Dawoo
7. Jeremy Chance
9. RodChan
9. Laceysan
9. Maku
13. Slappy Slaps
13. Mr. Hangover
13. OG Shinobi
13. Pimpbot9K
17. Eji
17. Fallen Phoenix
17. DJ Masters
17. Nat-Mecha
17. Kuizzy Ef Baby
17. Steinmaina
17. Repulse
17. Ronal Bathington
25. Slayer



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