CVC 2 Versus 2 Tournament Results

Everything started off real well. Most people showed up in time and the ones who didn’t showed up at the nick of time. Besides that, the tournament ran at a great pace. Very nice KillaByte, very nice.  As the day progressed on, the heat and fire code, I believe, was the only thing that bothered people.

To help relieve the stress and heat, luckily, everyone had plenty of options to cool themselves down: food and beverage from the Vortex Gaming Lounge, La Fruitaria, Sushi, Jack-In-The-Box, etc. Don’t forget the Chinese food joint where David (CalmWarrior) found an abundance of MSG!

By the end of the tournament, people were becoming more hyped, but angry at themselves and their teammate. I think it was the Caffeine.

Thank You Los Angeles And Orange County Players for coming down to San Diego and allowing us to feel that there is a SF4 scene here.

By the way, did I hear something about the Box Arena having something on October 3rd?

1: Team Black Money (Keno + Mike Ross)
2: Team West Coast Warzone Ambassadors (John Rog + Kai)
3: Team Win Chun (KillerKai + ComboJack)
4: Team Yebmonic (Yeb + nemonic)
5: Team DAT KOOLAID (G3rald + Alexman)
5: Team TRAGIC HERO щ(゜д゜щ) (Shglbmx + Tatsu)
7: Team Free (Killabyte + Sallabout08)
7: Team Raging Opera (unprotectedSEX + neREMIXED)
9: Team Without Papers Minus Crochet (KSexy + LCAST)
9: Team Taco Tiger (Marco Polo + djFrankfresh)
9: Team Skratchiebots (Skratchiechan + Pimpbot9000)
9: Team Dark Mexican Plus One (Jokersss + Repulse)
13: Team Cartel (Mr. Hangover + TSOTheodore)
13: Team Vortex (MAKU + Casper)
13: Team Duoshock (VuTeK + Jimichu)
13: Team Kuizy Ef Mania (SeikuRyu + Kuizzy Ef Baby)
17: Team Watchu Know?! (J.Flo + Pnoy)
17: Team Whatever (JeremyChance + ChongWang)
17: Team 4339 (SkyOhKen + EssBeeDee)
17: Team Rice and Beans (Eric L. + Will B.)
17: Team Smack-a-Ho (IceTrap + Big Sexy)
17: Team Large n Chargin (zer0vital + Da Kingpin)
17: Team Thatswhatshesaid (CdefG + Edmond)
25: Team Dhampir (Vanrushal + SlappySlaps)
25: Team PackageMAN (Sherryjenix + Anna)
25: Team SP8R (kingSP8R + SP8_2K)
25: Team Last Minute Pick (Daft + iMac980)

Images Provided By BomberedX2



CVC’s Street Fighter IV 2vs2 – SAN DIEGO, CA – 08/23/09: PRE-WEST COAST WARZONE

CVCs Street Fighter IV 2vs2

CVC's Street Fighter IV 2vs2

KillaByte Of Chula Vista Casuals is hosting a Street Fighter IV 2 Versus 2 Event! More after the Jump!

Box Arena Session 08-19-2009 Two Versus Two

In lieu of the CVC West Coast WarZone Qualifiers, The Box Arena decided to host a similar event in preparation for the Event. The format ran in short-cut format, meaning, we only played one set of best out of three matches, loser of the first match leaves to enable the other team member to determine the set.

AnyWho, 17 teams showed up on this date where three systems were set up for tournament play and one for casual play. The Box Arena provided Chili, Beverages, And Live Streaming! And of course, we have this great group of supporters that brought some goodies as well! Fernando, thanks a ton for the Pizza! And  Chef Alexman, nothing goes better with Spam Musubi than Purple KoolAid!

BeFore we list the results, we would like to thank all the new people who made there way to the Box Arena and provided their presence. We hope to see you again. To All the faces we recognize, we’re glad to see you as well.


1: NemoRemix (NeRemix/Nemo)

2: TeamAsianCajun (Deci/purrin)
3: TeamFree (KillaByte/Sallabout08)
4: TeamK***F***CodyWouldHitIt (UnprotectedSex/AlexMan)
5: TeamOldMen (Tommy/Genghis)
5: TeamSlapNChop (Yeb/KuizzyEfBaby)
7: TeamTrynAThrowYou (GCSupra/PimpBot)
7: TeamIDK (Gerald/Radley)
9: RockMeSexyCody (ChongWang/Lei Techs)
9: TeamFandM (Mr.Hangover/Marco)
9: HellaDarkStalkers  (louieC/OceansideDoods)
9: Certified Warriors (Mr.Certified/CalmWarrior)
13: Rage Cage (Steinmania/ROStifarian)
13: SwackStarz (Brian/Phillip)
13: Team Taco Tigers (DjFrankFresh/MarcoPolo)
13: TeamGiorgio (Jon/Regi)
17: Team Sexy kaos (FallenPheonix/kSexy)


Fight to the Finish – Videos and Pictures

Finals – Combofiend vs. Sin



Fight to the Finish – Recap Video

Video by 3rd1video

Fight to the Finish – Miramar Speed Circuit

August 8, 2009

1: ComboFiend

2: Sin

3: Viscant

4: Yeb

5: NeRemix

5: DJFrankFresh

7: Ozzy

7: LCast

9: n3m0n1c

9: GCSupra

9: LaceySan

9: Eiji

13: Dash

13: SkratchieChan

13: MrCertified

13: Maku

17: OceansideDoods

17: SteinMania

17: Jokersss

17: Wolf

17: Jorge

17: Marco M

17: Shawn

17: Marquis

25: Patrick

25: SlappySlaps

25: Casper

25: KuizzyEfBaby

25: Shivihs

25: JD

25: NoMadic


Here’s a few pictures from the event. More pictures here.

Top 4

Live stream station

Box Arena